An Unbiased Review Of SimCity BuildIt – A Popular City-Simulator Game

The very thought of trying the mobile version of SimCity BuildIt made me quite excited because I have been enjoying playing SimCity for the past few years. Although the game lacks several features which are obtainable on the PC, I still managed to relish this game to my heart’s content. Of course, I will always admit the fact that this particular game is going to provide lots of fun to any gamer who plays it in spite of its drawbacks.

SimCity BuildIt

Gameplay and Design

The gameplay is almost identical to that of any other SimCity game. Being the mayor of a particular urban center, you are required to build it so that it becomes a sprawling metropolis. This particular game seems very interesting since you are required to consider the vital things which have been taken into account by the actual cities as well as mayors. You are going to be penalized for not creating water and power plants, and also for making factories in close proximity of the houses. I have always been attracted by this type of authenticity while playing this game. The gamers are going to expand the residences in order to increase the population (which happens to be the ultimate objective of this game), build school zones, build fire and police stations, and also bus stops plus factories for manufacturing key products. This particular game is no doubt a bit complex which will be enough to hook die-hard gamers to it for at least several weeks.

Apart from this, the game has introduced multiplayer factors quite cleverly. Although the mayors are able to visit other urban centers, the most interesting aspect happens to be the global market. The mayors are able to generate more revenues for the city by selling their products as well as resources to the other gamers. It is no doubt the best way for introducing other gamers to this particular game without getting too invasive. Generating money is the most difficult part while playing this game. In spite of doing everything immaculately, SimCity BuildIt is a freemium game ultimately. What it means is that the game is going to sacrifice specific elements for encouraging micro-transactions. It is made possible by enabling the players to purchase sim dollars by paying actual money. One cannot complain much regarding this; however, in case you want to play the game without paying any money, your progress can really be hindered to a great extent.


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The graphics in this particular game are quite stellar. In fact, the character models all appear like they have come right out of Sims 3 and also the buildings appear superb as well as different in design. Apart from being vibrant, the color palette is full of appealing colors. This no doubt makes the game really interesting as well as absorbing.

Originality and Value

It does not imply that SimCity BuildIt is not original although it is actually a simplified version of the PC game. It almost appears that this is a different game because it does things quite differently from that of the PC version. Players will never feel like they are playing the very same game since SimCity BuildIt possesses its own unique challenges as well as features. You’ll always have new things to do, for example, creating some great buildings as well as making revenues.

The Verdict

From this above-mentioned SimCity BuildIt game review, it is evident that is definitely a fun as well as complex game although the freemium options can sometimes get a bit annoying. At least, it is going to keep you engaged for a few months to come.