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College Of Communications

Our eBooks are perfect for anyone who needs to study or develop their communication skills, and are filled with easy-to-follow practical data and workout routines. Successful encoding of messages for the audience and channel is a crucial ability in effective communication. Non-Verbal Communication, overlaying body language, gestures, how we dress or act, the place we stand, and even our scent. For instance, the tone of voice can provide clues to mood or emotional state, while hand signals or gestures can add to a spoken message. The sender ‘encodes’ the message, often in a mix of phrases and non-verbal communication. Individual linguistic capacity – The use of jargon, difficult or inappropriate phrases in communication can prevent the recipients from understanding the message.

Remember, though, that every individual is completely different, and can interpret it subjectively. A key a half of being a successful encoder is knowing your audience...

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